Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Clean-up Tips from Joey69J

Dear readers,

I would like to give you some clean-up after scat play tips. I hope to give you a long post about it soonn, but for now you have some great advice from my friend ''Joey69J''.


How to clean up your self and how to prevent to smell for days.... I like the smell of mud.. But the common community where we all live and work in not.. So here a few tips.

The trick in preventing you skin to smell for days is to keep your pores closed. When you pores a wide open and you have smelly soft mud... the mud particles are pulled in... and your skin is smelling for days.. Almost impossible to wash out...

To the trick is to keep you pores closed.. Skin oil based on mineral oil is known to close pores... Make sure that the keep closed after the mud play. Take a COLD shower.. A hot shower opens your pores, and you washed the mud into the pores... A cold / mild cold shower is somewhat uncomfortable, but keeps your pores closed and prevent your skin for smelling..

Bad breath after eating mud dinner... After eating mud your breath smells like a unflushed toilet... For how long? My experience you can brush you tooth.. but mud smell keeps up coming form your stomach.... It will faint away when the contents are past to the duodenum. For me most of it is passed after 6 hours to the duodenum. After 4 hours and mouth wash with "Listerine" you can show yourself around other people. But when talking, do not stand to close...

Some other tips could be found at: http://blog.kinky.co.uk/sex-shop/introduction-scat-play

Do you also have advice you would like to share? Please comment!

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