Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dear toilet-play lover, i need you!

Dear visitor,

This blog is well visited, it has some nice links and even some unique videos.

I love working on this blog, but you probably have seen: My sometimes bad english, lack of updates and incomplete lists.

So i could use some people to help me.

Do you:

Love to write?

Speak english very well?

Love toilet-play?

Then your help is very appreciated!

If you want to help with grammar, writing post, adding links or something else...

mail me at:, or comment.

Thanks in advance!

A great link for you

Although i do love scat and piss videos, i do like other types of body-fluids as well.

This is a blog about snot:

This blog is also worth visiting:

My 10 Favorite Scat Dominas

Dear visitor:

There is a great new update for you, a list of my 10 Favorite Scat Dominas

Before a start with the list, i do have some side-notes:

* This list only includes Scat Dominas/Misteresses. Scat-preformers like Kinkybabe and Veronica Moster are great, but more Scat-actresses than Dominas.

* There are a lot of great Scat Dominas, but i only include ladies a have served (which is only one) and/or have seen in videos

* This list is in random order.

* I'm feeling a bit guilty about this list, because I'm aware that these awesome women do have more qualities than giving scat. I still think they should get the honor (and promotion) they deserve, so thats why i made this list.

Mistress Ingrid Frost

The famous Mistress Ingrid Frost, is not only Beautiful but also strict and cruel. One of her specialties is scat, which she loves to do. She made some scat videos, where she often produces big loads. That, and the fact she really forces the slave to eat it all makes her an Impressive Domina which really belongs on this list. Video preview

Mistress Amy
Have seen some videos from this young Mistress, and i was quite impressed. The way she talks dirty to her slaves and humiliates them was really fascinating. And of course, the part where she actually poops into the mouth of her slaves is really hot to watch

Mistress Delilah
This Mistress is well known, especially for her Beautiful Butt. And besides some awesome farting and smothering skills, she also is very talented in scat. She is a able to feed big loads to her lucky slaves.

Mistress Esme

Dominant and Beautiful are just 2 of the words that describe this Domina. Mistress Esme is a black Mistress which not only specializes in scat, she also LOVES doing this. Of course, her videos show this but i had the honor of serving her in real-life. This was truly a great experience. She is a great person. As a Domina she's strict and sadistic but besides that she is also very intelligent, kind and has a great sense of humor. And she really knows how to push-limits within scat play. So to all the toilet slaves: Mistress Esme is really recommended, her caviar should be swallowed.

Domina Silvia
Herrin Silvia is a Dominant Lady from Germany. Have seen a video where a slave was forced to lick her asshole. It loved that, especially the part when she begins to push-out shit while the slave is still licking! Wow, that video was awesome. I really like the cruelty and style of this Domina.

Mistress Nicole (And her ladies) 

The Beautiful Nicole is the owner of the sites: and These are 2 of most extreme scat sites i know. Slaves get used as toilets by girls. In some videos, 1 or 2 girls use the toilet but in other videos 1 slave gets used by 8 girls! (or even more...) The videos are realistic and cruel. It is even possible for site-member to visit them and become their slaves. The girls do not show mercy, so only the most experienced toilet slaves are good enough for this job. This site is really recommended for the real human toilet lover. There is only one problem, the girls have some difficulties with the banks. Please buy some of their videos and support them!

Mistress Thick

This is a Beautiful Ebony Domina. I found one her scat videos, a few yeary ago. I do have seen a lot of scat movies, but this one was REALLY HOT. The amount of caviar, the way she laughed... It was really awesome. This Domina really loves feeding toilet slaves. The video is free to watch.

Mistress Michelle (and her ladies)
This Dominant Lady is the owner of Scatqueensberlin. This site is really awesome. Beautiful girls using human toilets for piss, scat and sometimes even vomit. Scatqueensberlin is every toilets dream. I really would really like to visit them.

Princess Nikki
This young Mistress is very cruel. She also loves what shes doing, humilating slaves! She loves it when submissive pigs eat her shit.‎

Mistress Mystique

This Beautiful Caribbean Mistress is into a lot of things, one of them is scat. I recently discovered her awesome videos. I haven't bought them...yet.

This was my 10 Favorite Scat Dominas list!

I really hope you enjoyed the list. If you really like them, you should buy some videos! And if your a real toilet slave, you should pay them a visit!

''Why isn't (insert Mistress name) on the list?''

I probably haven't seen videos of her. Or she is a scat-performer, and not a Mistress.

What do you think of my list? What are your favorite Dominas? Please comment!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Here is a new update, maybe some of you already heard the news.

A lot of scat video sites are in trouble, because their banks decided to stop doing business with sites that sell videos with scat content. is one of those sites. They do sell videos on other sites, so i you love scat: Buy some videos to help them!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcome to the blog!

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Blog. Here do you find information about scat, golden showers and other forms of toilet sex Thanks for visting this blog. i hope you will understand it's still under construction.

There aren't much pictures on this site, because i only want to use pictures with permission of the owner. so maybe i will try to get some pictures for this site. Since there where some ''blogchanges'', here is some old work ''reposted'':
Heard about this Documentary. this is about ''Lady Tarna'' an Extreme Domina from Berlin.
there is some very interesting talk about scat.

This is a great looking clipstore:

i would love to serve them!

who knows more about these Pretty Girls and their clipstore?

Here is the first Sbscat video.

It's shows an anonymous model pooping.
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Here is another video of our model:
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Scat Obsession

(This is a new post of an older article) Scat Obsession

do you think you're obsessed with scat? i saw a post on fetlife named: ''Has anyone ever tried to stop liking scat?''

some people may think they're obsessed with an extreme form of (sexual) play.

Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated

but what is ''obsessed''? and when is it bad?

and what is ''bad''? who decides what's right and wrong?

I couldn't give you the answer. but i have some advice for you:

*Have some hobby's and interests besides scatplay.

*do not watch (scat)porn all day long.

*try some sexual things besides scatplay.

*if you have a job, try to focus on the work instead of porn.

and most important, Enjoy scatplay! Here is some good fetish art