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Toilet Play Blog survey - The Results

Dear Toilet-play lover,

A few weeks ago we made a survey for our visitors. This is because we want this blog to be the best source of free information regards scatplay as possible.

We're not perfect and make some mistakes so your opinion and input is more than welcome. That's why we wanted to say:

Thank you all for filling in the survey!

Although it is still possible to fill in the survey, we already want to share some results with you:

The results:

Question 1: What do you think about our blog?

Good to hear most of you are very positive about this blog.

Question 2: How often do you visit?

As you could see, there are a lot of newcomers.

Question 3: What was the reason for your most recent visit?

Question 4: What do you want to see more on our blog?

A lot of people wanted to see more interviews. We had some interviews planned, but all the ladies are very buys so i might take a while until these interviews are online.

Tips and advice

We already have some posts regards this subject, but there is more on the way.


Good news! I recently found someone that makes great drawings and he is going to do some for this blog.


As you could see, we recently posted a story from a talented writer nicknamed ''NotAboveTheRim''. If you have a story you would like to share, just contact

Information about Pro Dommes

We already have some, but there will be more. However, we are not sure if we will do reviews about the ladies. That's because some of the ladies do not appreciate being reviewed.


This is also a good point, but there is little change that there will be videos in the following months.

We do not support piracy and it's expensive to make a custom video.


''commentary/essays about the state of the scat-porn scene''

We have a new blogger that's going to write about this subject.

''Links and information on achieving better movements''

I don't really know what this person means. It's probably about better bowel movements. In the upcoming E-book ''How To Toilet Train Yourself'' we are going to talk about this subject.

''More serious and deeper sides of it''

Although i think we are already serious, we definitely will write some deep posts.

''Information about Pro Slaves''

I don't know what this person means. Pro Slaves? Is it a joke? Although there are some around. If we know more, we will let you guys know!

''Real experiences''

There is already one report online, but we will publish more of them.

Question 5: What do you think about the personal posts/columns that Joey and King Toby write?

Good to hear most people like our columns. There will be more.

Question 6: Did you know that the blog is completely non-profit (we don't do affiliate marketing and don't receive money or free services from the ladies we promote)

Most of the people did know this.

Question 7: We may do some paid advertising in the future. We will use that money to improve the blog. What do you think of that?

Most of the people are okay with the idea of paid advertising. Although it's going to take a while before it's online.

Question 8: Is there anything on the blog that annoys you?

Some people are annoyed by the grammar mistakes. These are there because I'm not a native English speaker. However, the other writers for this blog do their best to correct the mistakes.

There are also some people that didn't like the design. There is a new blog on the way, with a better design.

''Personally I am against the whole "toilet train yourself" idea that is supported here''

We understand, but not everyone has the money to visit a Pro Domme weekly. That's why this could be a solution.

''I'm less into sub/dom play, so I'd like a wider view of the scat world.''

This is a very good point. However, i have no real-life experience with scatplay outside of Dom/sub play. So i will have to find other to write about that.

''Very interesting content but short. More content!''

Good point. We will write longer posts in the future.

Question 9: Have you heard about our upcoming E-book ''How To Toilet Train Yourself?''

Most of you are interested. We are at about 40% in the writing process.

Question 10: Do you have any other advice or comments for the blog?

''I think if you open the blog to all scat lovers it may help?''

I don't know what this means, but we are always willing to post you work. Contact us a

There was also someone that warned us about spyware that was spread by adds and pop-ups. We will try to avoid this.

Thank you all and feel free to contact us at

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Scat experiences: ToiletDK visits the Ladies from Scat-princess

As you guys requested, we are going to share some real-life experiences with you. We will start with an old one about a visit to the ladies of

This story is not about us, but about the brave guy nicknamed ''ToiletDK'' whose visited the Scat-Princess team three times.

This is the report of his first visit...enjoy!

Day 1 (13/6-2012) Nicole, Merica and their normal slave meet me at the airport.

Day 2 (14/6-2012) My first time used. We started out "easy" with "only" 6 girls to serve. We started with some foot-worship with soap. The idea was that the soap would prevent me from tasting the shit later. I was tied up, after the foot-worship was done, and put into their feeding chair. Well the strong shit was very quickly removing the taste of soap. They let the shit pile up and forced it all down my thought after the last girl had delivered her shit.

Things I learned today: 
1) The burning part of chili goes straight though the human body 
2) Chilli shit is very good at remove the taste of soap

Day 3 (15/6-2012) The day was used on editing the video recorded the day before

Day 4 (16/6-2012) I was used by 2 girls today. Nicole and Merica I was tied up and we started with some rough face sitting before they both fed me their shit under face sitting.

Things I learned today: 
1) Don't drink beer right before eating shit. They do not mixed well

Day 5 (17/6-2012) Today we were recording a video with 2 slaves (me and their normal slave) and 2 girls. We started out with some foot-worship. I was used for some rough face sitting by both girls before the girls shit into their normal slave.

Things I have learned today:
1) Bring more undies. The girls love to tear them apart

I got some stomach problem that night. I threw up 4 times during the night. Oddly I got sick after a day where I didn't eat any shit

Day 6 (18/6-2012) Stomach problems or not. I was going to get used by 6 girls today. Again we started with some foot-worship with soap. After that, I was tied up. My head placed in between 2 pieces of metal holding it in place and a metal pate was placed in my mouth to keep it open. Each girls took their turn sitting on my face and sitting into my mouth. My face was cleaned up with a very rough toilet brush (that really hurts) after each girl had taken her shit. It went well for the first 3 girls. But the 4th girl, well I don't know that she had been eating, but her shit was down right burning my lips, mouth and tough. My stomach couldn't take it. I ended up vomiting it up again as fast a she force it down. The last 2 girls went relative well after that. My stomach problem seems to be gone after we finish the recordings. Maybe shit eating is the right cure?

That I learned today: A toilet brush is way too rough to be used on the face. It really left a lot of scars on my face.

Day 7 (19/6-2012) A videos editing day. We started work on some new equipment No shit eating that day

Day 8 (20/6-2012) Another video editing day and we continued our work on some new equipment No shit eating that day

Day 9 (21/6-2012) I was the toilet for 7 girls today. They there sitting in a 2 part corner sofa. We started out with some soap foot-worship and than the 2 sofa parts was separated. I was tried up and placed on the floor with my head in between the 2 sofa parts. Now the girls one by one was taking their turn sitting over my face shitting in my mouth. Some of the girls went back to shit a second time, so I ended up getting used 10 times before we where done. I did get it all down. Not that I had much choice, they just forced it in. It was a very long time to be tied up. It took quit a while after I was released before I got the feelings back in my hands.

Day 10 (22/6-2012) Another video editing and equipment building day. No shit eating this day

Day 11 (23/6-2012) I was the toilet for 5 girls today We started with some soap foot worship. This time they put a bag around my head and they put the food to worship into the bag. This way my head was locked in with the food to bee worshiped. We were 2 slaves today for the shit feeding part. I was the one used as toilet while their normal slave was used as toilet piper. The girls were standing over me while they each was shitting. Letting the shit drop some distance before it landed on my face. The first 2 girls used face sitting to force the shit down my though. The last 3 girls used their feet.

I did get quit a bitten today.

Learned today: Don't burp right in front of the girls right after eating shit - they may vomit all over you.

Day 12 (24/6-2012) Today we made a small little movie their I was used by 2 girls. It took place in the bathroom. I was tied up. Each girl took a shit in my mouth before they was standing on me while they took a shower. That is a view

Day 13 (25/6-2012) We started working on a new web-server for because of performance and technically issues. No shit eating today

Day 14 (26/6-2012) Today we recorded a movie with 2 slaves and 7 girls. We started out with some foot worship. For the feeding part. The first girl used their normal slave and shit all over his face. The 6 other girls all used me because they find the other slave to dirty. Each girl had her own position. The first one using me was feeding in forward face sitting position. The second girl used the edge of a chair. The 3rd girl used a broken table to shit though. The 4th stood on some wooden blocks The 5th girl used a broken table to shit of the side of it. The last girl was shitting in rewards face sitting position.

A thing I learned today, Don't try to kiss the girls right after they released you and you still have shit all over your face......The result can be quiet painful

Day 15 (27/6-2012) Time to travel home Nicole and their normal slave was driving me to the airport

Stats: All in all I received 34 portions of shit from day 2 to day 14. That is a average of 2,5 a day I was where or a average of 4,25 pr. filming day.

Some afterthought Can you live of shit alone? No, I don't think so. After a few days my body began to recognize shit as "already processed" and sent the shit the fast way through the system. I usually have to shit big time about an hour after the last girl had used me. I don't think that my body can absorb much nutrition from the shit in that time

How many girls can I take shit from? Well I received shit from 7 girls in one movie. But had where been a number 8 or maybe a number 9 when I would properly have taken that to. It is the first one that is the hardest. After that it is all a question about stomach capacity and that can be trained. Their normal slave said he can take shit from 14 girls after he have done this job for 3 years. I do think that is possible. I think that if you was fitted into one of those devices with build in plumbing, that you can read about in some scat fantasy stories on the net where you can unload your self when needed, that you could keep on receiving for quiet a while.

I'm surprised over how much work there is in producing those videos and running the websites. It is a full time job for 3 people. Where is a lot of preparation and organizations work before filming each movie. The editing also takes a surprising long time.

Advice for others that want to that the tour

First: I did not have any influence on which girls and how many where was in the movies and I have no influence on that equipment was used or the handling of the movies. It was all up to Nicole. I could come with suggestions but it was Nicole who decided whether my suggestions were used or not. For example. I do not like foot-worship. It is simple not my thing. But I still have to do some foot-worship in many of the movies. This is an all or noting package.

Second: Be prepared for pain. The girls do like to kick, hit and use whips. I do have quiet a few scars on my face, belly, legs, hands, elbows, and in my mouth.

Third: Then you are tied up, they will continue to the end whether you can take it or not. You can throw up, but it will not make much of a deference, they will just force it back in you again.

How did I get here? I joined the site and filled out the Slave Application found in the member section on the site. (Don't bother asking Nicole to be their slave if you are not a member of one of the sites. They will only take site members.) After that I have some e-mailing back and forth with Nicole to set it all up.

Buy some chocolate in the tax free shop on your way there. Girls love chocolate and good chocolate are hard to find in the area

So this was the report of ToiletDK's first trip. I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to know more about Nicole and her ladies, just use these links below:

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Scat Stories: Her Excellency

Dear visitor, today I would like to share a story with you. 
This story is written by ''NotAboveTheRim'', who turns out to be pretty talented...


It's been silent for about an hour now, though I couldn't tell you how long it had been really.
Pulling at my wrists, I wished the G-shock watch I had become so attached to over the years wasn't replaced by ropes.

Not long after discovering that my wrists were tied behind my back, I realized my ankles were in the same situation.
I could hardly breathe.
My head had been forcefully shoved into some kind of mask.
There definitely wasn't much care taken.

I was disoriented at the time so I didn't put up much of a fight.
The woman that kept talking to me might have been strong enough to take me at my full strength though.
She had been throwing me around quite a bit. I could only see out of one eye hole. The other rested near my nostril.
I don't know if this mask has a mouth or not.
I just know my speech is muffled.
There's something in my mouth.

My back still stings from earlier.
She said I might find some relief by resting against the cold walls.
Where I rested stopped being so cold after about 5 minutes though, and having my exposed back pressed against the walls started to hurt after about 2.
The floor was gonna be my best friend, I had decided.
There was no furniture in the room from what I could see.
Through my one eye I noticed only a door.
The room was pitch black.
The only light existed outside of the door.
A bit of luminescence seeped in under the frame..

I couldn't hope for any sort of clarity until that door opened - I realized that about half an hour ago.
I still don't even know who this lady that brought me in here was.
I remember being on a date with the leggy blonde from my writing class but she couldn't have been the woman that led me to this dungeon, could she?

No, it definitely wasn't her that brought me to this room, but something tells me I have her to blame for passing out in the car.

After so long, I realized I was probably handed off to this new lady.
I hope whatever that bitch set me up for was worth it.
This is the thanks I get for paying for dinner, I guess.
Another instance of the nice guy finishing last.
I just hope after this crazy lady finishes what she has planned, I'm not completely finished.
She's already beaten me, flogged my back for being rude when I came to.

Personally, I thought screaming for help was perfectly normal behavior when you wake up half naked and tied down in a dark room, but I guess she holds her guests to different standards.
That's what she kept referring to me as :  her guest.
Though in most cases guest come of their own will and I don't remember agreeing to this.
Also, in most cases, guests get to leave.
I should do whatever she says so I can leave in one piece.
The thought makes me sick but the woman said as much. She told me I'd be able to leave if I just did everything she asked when she returned.

I'm sure serial killers have told their victims all sort of things over the course of history though and I didn't necessarily believe her.
If these were going to be my last moments, did I really want to spend them as some sort of slave?
No, but I also didn't want to risk these being my last moments, if I'm being honest.
I don't want to die like a fly trapped in a spiders web, unable to move, unable to talk.
No, when that door opens and light floods in I have only one choice.
I have to be hers. I don't know what she wants, but I have to be hers.
Silence, for a few minutes more.
I think I might be going crazy.

The floor isn't seeming so bad.
Every minute I'm on the floor lying in darkness and silence is another minute she's not in here treating me like a rag doll and a literal whipping boy.
Another minute I get to think about how I'm going to change my life If I get out of here.
More silence, if that's possible.
At this point the air feels heavy from the lack of sound and the building tension.
My mouth is incredibly dry and propped open with some sort of cloth - knowing my luck it was the crazy bitches panties or something.
There's a knot in my throat and I can't tell if that's because of thirst or fear.

I've heard that sound before.
Stilettos hitting the floor with each their own click and clack.
Someone was approaching.
I realized she was coming.
This was the moment she spoke of.
The moment of truth.
She told me that when she came back, she would bring light with her.
She told me that I better be thankful of it and do as I was told.
I had a choice to make, even though she made it clear that she makes the decisions once that door opens.
I could stand for something.
Be the man that I was always taught to be.
I could be defiant.
Tell her that she'll never make me into some obedient lap dog.
I could flop around like a fish, hope to get to my feet and hop past her even with my restraints still on.
That sounds ridiculous and the steps are getting closer.
I guess I should stop lying to myself.
I'm going to do what this woman wants, not because she wants me to but because I have a will to live.
Yeah that's what I'll tell myself.

The door flies open.
A bright white light fills the room.
A silhouette approaches from the light.
I crane my neck to look up but I can't see much.
I just see her coming towards me.
 In one swift motion she grabs my neck, sits me up against the wall and rips the mask from my face.

I look up, the bright light stings my eyes so I move them back down, unwittingly scanning the frame of an absolute goddess.
A woman's frame perfectly accented by a black corset and black thigh high boots - Both leather.
Various red zippers accented the leather all over her body.
There's fishnets going to her upper thigh, connecting with the corsets.
A red leather choker brought whole the outfit together.
She too, was a blonde bombshell, though older than the girl from my class.
I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say this is my date's mother or some other relative.
I might have a card to play if I could muster up the courage.
I could say, I know who you are, tell her that she'll never get away with this.
Something tells me she's heard it all before though.
Besides, before me stood the epitome of class and the definition of beauty.

Strangely enough all I wanted to do is tell her as much.
''You look good down there, almost as if it's where you belong'' her voice was seductively husky.
That did it, I decided this woman before me was sex personified.
I couldn't tell her no while she was looking like this.
She was so beautiful I might not be able to deny her no matter what she was wearing.

''Now if I untie your legs, you have to promise me that you wont make a run for it. I'll tell you now, the last guy did and regretted it. You're cute, I don't want to have to hurt - that's a lie. I guess I don't want to maim you is the proper term. I definitely can't wait to hurt you''

She reached down and pinched my nose, lovingly at that.
She's crazy.
I nod timidly.
She motions for me to present my ankles to her.
I do and she uses a knife to cut me free.
Luckily, it seems the knife won't be a part of tonight's festivities, as she throws it to the side after.

She drops my feet and demand I stand.
I lean against the wall for leverage and make my way up.
She's a couple of inches shorter than me.
Now that I'm not blinded by light I can make out her facial features.
High cheekbones, a nose ring in her left nostril with a chain leading across her cheek to an ear piercing.
Her lips poked out, accented with red lipsticks.
She appeared to be about 35.
The shoulder length hair wasn't so much blonde as it was a platinum.
She had a dominant Marilyn Monroe vibe about her that was intoxicating.
She carried herself knowing as much.
She circles me, looking me up and down.
I take the opportunity to do the same.
My eyes immediately lower to the perfect ass of hers.
It's completely exposed, protruding from the leather suit, demanding my gaze.
I've always had a thing for asses.

''My niece tells me you have a thing for asses''
She stops circling, turning her back toward me, and assumes the position.
She looks back and notices me staring.
I can't take my eyes off this taut ass presented to me.
It has dimples.
Oh god it has dimples!

She continues, ''What you wouldn't give to touch?" she laughs and straightens up.

"Little bitch sure knows how to pick em. You might be the best she's brought my way. Cute and obedient. I'm pleased."

She turns and walks sensuously toward me, leaning into my ear to whisper, "you'll learn quickly, that it's best I stay that way."

She might be the hottest woman I've ever seen in my life.
I know it was the hottest outfit I've ever seen. I can't get my thoughts together.
My blood seems to have rushed elsewhere, leaving my brain a mess.
I open my mouth but there's the obstruction.

''Oh?'' she says so innocently, ''I forgot that was there, you'll have to forgive me. I meant to take it out when I took off the mask. I was wondering why you never asked my name or insisted that I wouldn't get away with this."
She reaches into my mouth and pulls out, as i suspected, panties.
She can see the disgusted look in my eyes,

''Oh don't, these are my nieces. A present from her to you. She really wants you to get through this. She likes you, believe it or not.''

I'm going to go with not, considering the circumstances.

"Who are you?" I choke out between coughs.

"Right, pleasantries. I almost forgot. I'm Diana, but in here, you'll refer to me as Her Excellency Artemis. I'm Sera's aunt," she said, matter of factly.

"This is not what I most people think will happen when they meet their girls family," I say nervously.

She laughs, "You're funny," she says before kneeing me in the balls.

My world became agony.
I hit the ground in front of her, groaning and moaning in pain.
Doubled over with tears in my eyes.

"There's no need for funny in my dungeon. Save your jokes for if you ever make it to the dinner table!"

She grabs my head and brings it to her ass.
The ass that just a moment ago I admired so very much.


For five long seconds, she blew a foul wind from her beautiful backside.
I could feel a wetness smatter my face and then taste the funk.
It was thick and burned my already dry throat.
I was in shock.
My date's aunt just tried to fry my senses with her gas.


She let loose a small aftershock.
After she was sure I'd gotten the worst of the smell she let my head go and it smacked against the hard ground.

''My ass makes all of the jokes while we're here. And guess what fucker? They're all going to be at your expense''

On the ground I cough and sputter, trying to breathe in air that wasn't intestinally tainted.

No luck.

I try to squirm toward the door she left open.
I only make it a couple of inches in that direction before she notices.
I see her look to the door and back to me, putting two and two together.

''You're trying to leave already? We've only just started. I'm going to have fun tonight and you're going to know what it means to be a part of MY family before we're through''

She kicked me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

Jokes on her, I probably didn't want that air anyway, it all came out of her ass.

''Awww, did I knock the wind out you? Allow me to replace it!''

She pushes me on my back and straddles me, facing toward me feet.
She slowly lowers her ass toward my face.
After a few seconds she's squatting above me.


A maelstrom of methane shoots from her asshole.

It's hot against my face, sort of like the winds of a monsoon.


 Another blast. I couldn't imagine what this woman had been eating.
It smelled like cauliflower and sauerkraut.
 I've never experienced such a combination of smells.
Between assaults I could hear her badmouthing me.

''I warned you''


''of what would happen''


''if you tried to escape''

"This is about to get much worse for you."


 She sighed in relief on that one.

''Oh it's going to get way worse. Sit tight while I go reload.''

She reached back, grabbed the back of my head and brought it closer to her smoking gun.


The smell was arresting, my body locked up tight and I could feel my consciousness fading.

The light went dark again as I pass out.


I feel a trickle at first, eventually that trickle becomes a forceful stream falling against my forehead and into my nose and mouth.
I come to, opening my eyes only for a split second before more warm liquid barrages me.
Some gets into my exposed eyes, it burns, I gasp for air.
Was I being waterboarded?

No, this smell is much more pungent than water.

This is...

Someone's pissing on me!

I try to move but to no avail. I'm tied down inside of some contraption.
It has a hold on my neck making sure I stay down.

The stream stops.
After a minute I open my stinging eyes.
I can only look directly up.
I'm staring at the ceiling through some sort of hole.
I realize I'm in some sort of toilet contraption as Her Excellency Artemis peers her head through the hole.

''Hey! You're awake. Glad to see. From the way your body stiffened up on that last one, I thought I might have killed you on the spot''

I flinch at the word, she laughs, ''Rest assured, killing you is not in my plans, you're far too cute. I just need to make sure you know where you stand when you're dealing with my family. You may even come to enjoy your place.''

I doubt it, you crazy bitch.

"I can see from the way you're looking at me that you doubt it. That defiance is partly what makes you so cute. Its the naive ones I like. The ones who are in denial. I get to break your mind. Show who you really are."

''What?!'' I begin to scream at her before she cuts me off.

"Before you say anything I want you to know that you're completely naked out here and if you say something I don't like, I won't hesitate to stomps your balls into a paste"
She asserted her dominance, sensing the defiant side in me.

''What do you mean,'' I ask as calmly as I can.

My voice trembling, not only with fear, but with a curiosities.

I was not only curious as to what she was talking about, but I was also curious as to why I even cared.

She looked down into the hole and smiled.
She turned and squatted over it.
All I could see was her magnificent ass.

"Knowing you have complete control over someone can inflate the ego," she began, "but both you and I agree that with an ass like this, I deserve it. Don't try to deny it. I have a high opinion of myself and I should. An ass like this isn't common, in fact, it?s one in a million."

 PFFFFFFFFFFFFT she farted a mighty blast before continuing,

"I know what you want even if you don't. I know your type. I bet you spend hours at a time scouring different sites, searching,"




 "for an ass like mine."

I could hear her laugh sensually,

"and when you find it, you spend the next days wishing more than anything you could stick your deep into my sphincter and have me,"


"around your tongue."
Her voice goes from sensual to serious.

 "Tha's disgusting. And you try to deny that fact but you know as well as I do that you belong with an ass like this squeezing the life out of your tongue and assaulting your nostrils with my stench. My gas."

She farts and I moan.

"Your dick is rock hard out here. It seems to me, you're nowhere you don't want to be. I see it twitch every time I bless you with my air. Be honest with yourself, you want to release right now, surrounded by my smell."

PFFFFFFFT she farts again.

As much as I hated it, she was right.

This was such an intense experience.
Nothing like this has ever happened in my life before but for some reason I feel like I always wanted it to in this moment.
My dick shot straight up.
 It was at attention for its commander.
For an ass worth worshiping.
It begged for release.
I have to beg for release.
"Yes! Yes! Her Excellency Artemis, please grant my release!" I scream out to her.

I scream out to the ass above me.

She snickers before letting herself drop completely onto the toilet stool.

I hear her speaking but it's hard to make out. It's clear the last words are,

"'ll have to learn your place first."

I look up at the beautiful sphincter above me begin to open.
It shoots out gas like a geyser before opening up for something more solid.

I gasp, realizing the situation.

I close my eyes and hear the crackle of the shit leaving Her Excellency's ass.

Why am I still calling her that? 

She's shitting on me!

I squirm and hear her laugh.

Opening my eyes I see a log hanging a full 8 inches from her ass.
It hits my face then coils on top of my nose.
The smell is like nothing I've ever dealt with before.

I feel her stand up.

"Hmmm, your cock's not so hard anymore. Maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you don't want that release. Still, I think I'll give you an hour in there with my fat turd. The embodiment of my stench. If you still aren't in touch with reality by time I get back, I guess I'll let you go."

she laughs and I hear her stilettos walking away from me, leaving me with Her Excellency's essence on my face and terms to come to.


About an hour later I heard her approaching.
A door flung open, light flooded the room and Her Excellency's face appeared before me again.

A huge smile this time.
The turd still weighed on my face.
I had been smelling nothing but shit since Her Excellency had last left me.

"Hey there! Cheerful as always,  I see the boner's come back. How long has it been there? Be honest. I'm gonna guess you came to terms with yourself 15 minutes after I left, give or take ten minutes."

Her Excellency was right, it didn't take me long to realize that her ass and everything in it was a gift from whatever God was on duty the day she was created.
I wanted to taste her ass, I wanted to serve her ass, but more importantly, I wanted release.

With a gloved hand, Her Excellency reached down and pushed the turd from my face.

She unlocked the contraption I was in and freed my arms.

Moving the queening stool out of the way she pulled me up, looked me in my eyes and asked a question.

"What do you request of Her Excellency?"

I look at her for a moment, tears welling up in my eyes, and I manage to whisper,"a release."

She looks me in my eyes ,smiles, and turns her beautiful ass toward me.

The black and red leather outfit as breathtaking as the first time I saw it.
The ass still protruding, begging to be worshiped, and says, "Why should you get release and I don't?
Kneel and open your mouth. My ass will release and then on my count you will swallow its gift. Releasing yourself at the same time."

"Yes, Her Excellency," was all I could think to say.

I kneeled behind her.
She grabbed an ass-cheek and each hand and spread herself wide, positioning herself over my mouth, I heard her laughing.

"Kiss my asshole as thanks for the gift you are to receive." she insisted.

I did so, kissing the pulsating anus, anticipating and dreading the release I was about to be given.

"Here it comes!"

Her Excellency's ass exploded all over my face, coating it with thick sludge.

Some got into my mouth.

''That was the appetizer, here comes the main course.''

She sat all the way on my mouth and let loose a bassy fart.

''Start jacking that dick!'' she screamed.

I took hold of my member with both hands and did so vigorously.
She dropped a thick log into my mouth to accompany her goo.
She stood and I closed my mouth.

''Keep jacking, I want to really enjoy the sight of you breaking''

Her Excellency stood back and watched the scene as I jerked off furiously with her shit all over my face and in my mouth.
It was terrible but somehow it felt right.
This was my place.
 I finally understood what she meant earlier

''OK, I've seen enough. When I hit 1, you're going to cum harder than you ever have in your life. More importantly, you're going to belong to Her Excellency just like that hot little niece of mine!"

I nodded in agreement.

What a sight I must've been.

''10, 9, 8"


She presents her ass and farts in my direction.

''7, 6, 5, 4,''






''1! Now Swallow!''

I take all of Her Excellency's shit into my throat in one fell gulp and shoot my load so hard it smacks against the wall.

I collapse right after, a shitty shell of a man.
Broken in every sense of the word.
Before I pass out, I see Sera from class lapping at Her Excellency's asshole in an attempt to clean her off.

Her Excellency doesn't even look at her.

She smirks down at me, ''You only get release when my ass does, OK my new pet?''

I nod and lose consciousness.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Queen Vanity - Forced Toilet Slavery!

The gorgeous Queen Vanity now has a new scat title out for sale - Forced Scat Slavery!

Please check out this beautiful new video clip at the following link below!


Scat video from Eve And Adam

Dear Toilet-lover, today we have an unique scat video for you!
I recently met Eve and Adam on Fetlife, a lovely scat couple. The two made a video and shared it on Eroprofile.

Personally i found the video pretty hot. It shows us a lady taking a nice, firm shit right in her boyfriends mouth.

If you want to view to video, use this link

They also wrote a story, which you could read below:

It's a warm and sunny spring-day. I'm sitting on the balcony, smoking my first cigarette after receiving my present and notice the slightly different taste the smoke has in contrast to my last cigarette just two hours ago. The sunlight is tickeling my nose as the door opens, my girlfriend steps outside, sits next to me and kisses my forehead with her full lips. She smiles at me, her blue eyes focusing my eyes: "I hope you've enjoyed my present, cause I did, though I didn't think so before". I looked at her and smiled "Oh yes, I did, it was the most wonderful present I've ever got".

Now to let you know what has happened, I need to turn back time for two hours. It's Easter-day. Me and my girlfriend Eve have just painted easter-eggs. As we finished, she smiled happily: "You chose some beautiful colours, my dear, I love them", she said to me and smiled. "So now, I hid a left a small present for you, come on, search it", she whispered and so I started searching and - after 5 unsuccessful minutes, found a little bag. Inside there was a little less than I expected, just a letter with a heart drawn onto. "Oh, you wrote me a letter, my dear", i said and smiled at her, not knowing what to expect.

When I read the letter, there was just one sentence written on it and it said:

"Go into the bedroom, undress and lie down in bed - on your back"

After reading i blushed and there was a slight tension rising in my pants. When I turned back to her and wanted to see her face, I've noticed, that she left for the bathroom.

"Well, I won't deny this offer", I thought and stepped into the bedroom, undressed and lay down in bed.

I heared the bathroom-door open and she said "Close your eyes and don't you dare open them until I tell you to!!"

My penis stiffed totally, I closed my eyes and felt my heart beat nervously. I heared her coming into the room and stepping onto the bed. As I felt her legs touching both sides of my body, I realized that she was now standing over me. Then she bend down.

I suddenly noticed a strong smell and my nose was touching her skin at one point. It wasn't "some" kind of smell, it was the smell of her anus.

"Open your eyes", she instructed me and so I did.

I found myself in a situation, I until then had only dreamed about. She almost sat on me, her very female butt placed right above my face, leaving just two centimeters between my nose and her butthole.

"smell it as intense as you can", she ordered me, "then lick it and start to accept, that you will soon taste the brown turd, that you're already smelling"

........... (to be continued)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Queen Vanity - Mummified and Glorified in HD!!

Queen Vanity just asked us if we could share this amazing new video from her store - Mummified and Glorified , now in glorious HD!

Queen Vanity also wants to let all of her fans know that she has a new video coming this Saturday (9th), and would love everyone to head on over and check that out too!

Here's the Synopsis for Mummified and Glorified :

"This slave has been watching the Queens’ postings for awhile and had many many fantasies about serving the Queen.It never thought I would visit its city or it would even get to serve its Queen in person.

An online slave turns to a real life slave…what a beautiful dream come true.

So it made it’s deposit for a toilet session…it came Monday morning and consumed & at the end of the session; apologized that it was nervous to be on film but gladly offered it’s big mouth and soon to be empty stomach for the Queen to use the next morning and to film it.

So I decided to have a bacon cheeseburger for lunch and Pepperoni Pizza for dinner, the next morning I had a cup of coffee (because the toilet boy brought me the wrong breakfast) so as I was ready to shit I remembered how it tried to push my beautiful ass off it’s face the day before

…Hmmm! #Idea

 I took my saran wrap and mummified it then locked this huge dog chain around it so there was absolutely no way to move!

So that’s when the camera starts to roll…I take a long piss in his mouth then light my Newport 100 and start smoking…then my first push makes it perfectly into it’s mouth 
oooops the 2nd push follows right behind!Hold on I’m not finished yet! After I am, I write my name on it’s chest with my shit so everyone knows this is MY toilet! And also some forced feeding until he can’t handle no more! LmQao the best toilet video you will ever see!"

So, there you have it. Readers, make sure you go and check out Queen Vanity's newest video Mummified and Glorified, it truly is a beautiful site, link is below:


ALSO, be sure to check out all of Queen Vanity's other videos at her Scat Shop store:


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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Toilet Play Blog survey (please submit)

Dear Reader,

King Toby and i are always looking to improve this blog. This blog is to improve the scat-community and provide information for anyone who has interest in this unique fetish.

At the moment, we are thinking about a new domain-name, a better design and a lot more content.

We have some big plans, but could not do that without your help.

That's why we made this anonymous survey:

Please help us and submit. It will only take about 5 minutes of your time. Tell us what you like and what you don't like.

Of course it's totally anonymous.

UPDATE: We got some really interesting answers. Thanks for that! Although we still could use some more feedback. Please fill in our survey

If you have other things you would like to tell us, feel free to send an email to

Thank you!

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