Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Scat Stories and other toilet erotica

We recently did a survey for this blog. A lot of people said they wanted to read more stories about scat sex and toilet-play.

That's why we collected some stories for our readers.

Dutch Stories/Verhalen in het Nederlands

These are stories in Dutch. Beware of the spyware these websites might install 
on your computer! (It´s probably safe, we still want to warn you)



Geile verhalen

Monday, May 23, 2016

Meesteres Manouk Copra sessies

Post in Dutch!

Beste lezers,

Hierbij wil ik jullie voorstellen aan een dame die zeer bedreven is een toilet sessies.

Meesteres Manouk is een Domina, Sadist en Fetishist in de slinkse vorm van een jonge vrouw. Haar voorkeuren zijn heel divers, zo staat ze onder andere open voor slaventraining, Forced Bi en pijnspel. Ook copra sessies oftewel scat sessies zijn mogelijk bij deze dame.

Friday, May 13, 2016

An important warning for social media perverts (repost)

This post is a repost from a note copied from my Fetlife-profile.

The following is a warning for all males who have fetishes, and especially the ones with a fetish for things that other people see as ´´a fun thing´´

Most of you probably don´t want to hear this, but I´m saying it anyway.
And remember, it ´s NOT about me, it´s about our fetishes.
The thing that I want to say is:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celebrity Dream Scat Girl?

For some time now, I have wondered what it would be like to see some non scat movie stars or celebrities engaged in hardcore scat. I know it would never happen, but I have listed a few of my favorites (whom I would love to see in scat/puke action!!)
Who are some of your's??

1. Megan Fox

2. Kelly LeBrock

3.  Amanda Seyfried 

4. Dakota Fanning 

5. Sarah Gadon

6. Keira Knightley

7. Naomi Watts

8. Sophie Turner

9. Lena Headey

10. Maisie Wiliams

Note: these are just my top 10, off the top of my head, if I put more thought into this, I could probably make a list of hundreds! Let us know yours, share your fantasy.

Namio Harukawa scat and documentary

Namio Harukawa (春川 ナミオ Harukawa Namio?, born in 1947, in Osaka PrefectureJapan) is a Japanese artist known for his realistic femdom erotica drawings. He created around one thousand unique drawings.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

"I'm a Scatman!"

Before Youtube rips it down (for what!?) check out this, a friend of mine put this scat music video together, can YOU name all the beautiful starlets in this? ;-)

Note: This is not an official video from us and we own no rights.

Please also check the story Her Excellency in which we added some great artwork by Taboo Creations.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monthly Scat Blog Update - April

Dear Toilet Play lovers,

This is our monthly update with the highlights of each month.

April was an interesting scat month. We did a survey and also learned about some great video-producers.

toilet play blog fat shit challenge

It was the start of the Fat Shit Challenge, a joke an Facebook. However, it was not really interesting for straight scatlovers.

We also learned about Queen Vanity's scat store. A Beautiful Mistress with some nice hardcore toilet video's.

Then we had the scat video from Adam and Eve. We really liked the video and look forward to see more!

The story from our guest-writer  ''NotAboveTheRim'' was also very great. If you haven't seen it, do it now!

We also shared the experiences of ''ToiletDK'' at It is an very interesting report, full of ''shitty'' details.

We also found an interesting advertisement that features a girl sniffing her shoe. Although it's not related to scat, we found the picture very hot.

In the future we might do a post about scat and feet.

We also had our survey and already posted some results.

These where the highlights of April. If you think we missed something, please comment!